Revealed In Dreams

by Magick Numbers

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released August 11, 2017

All music written, recorded, and produced by Magick Numbers at home in Chicago, USA © 2017



all rights reserved


Magick Numbers Chicago, Illinois

Magick Numbers is an experimental ambient electronic project based out of Chicago USA.

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Track Name: Moving On
Through the trees a light is seeping in
rousting all from their sleep
As dew turns to fog
slowly seeding the sky

I gather my things and depart again
I gather my things and go

Time urged us all along
but all we wanted was to linger
She let go of my hand
and flew towards the sea

I gathered my things and departed
I gathered my things and went
Track Name: The Bird That Never Flew
You'll never fly
Don't even try
Be wise like the owl
Always wear a scowl
Don't ever spread your wings and try to fly

You'll never win
So why begin?
Be meek be mild
Don't let your dreams run wild
No one ever makes it to the top of the sky
So why even try

You seek you lose
It's not yours to choose
Birds of a feather
Clipped your wings together
Singing, "Low down, on the ground;
watch us up here as we fly around"
Track Name: A Place Called Time
They say we're stuck here in time's lazy river
Only one direction leading straight to never

But I'm stepping off
I'm headed upstream
We'll watch as the fabric
Unravels at the seams

I'll unwrite my past
And corrupt the timeline
Pin down every butterfly's wings
To live our lives in tandem
I'll outfox every paradox
And bring myself to you

In a place called time
In a place called time
In a place called time
In a place called time