Decompression Chamber

by Magick Numbers

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Download this album and receive a free set of Guided Medidations, created specifically for this release by the virtual CEO of Seernaut Systems, Eroneous Apocrypha.

Mindplant begins:

By viewing these words and comprehending their meaning you have expressed clear interest in experiencing the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber, and you are hereby granted admission, being fully aware of the risks involved therein. By reading this, you do solemnly vow unending fealty through a sworn oath to never level blame against any other than thine own self for any misfortune that should befall you whilst inside the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber.

Earth Infonautics is not required to list the hazards associated with spending time in the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber, and yet such is our worldly benevolence that we do so for your further elucidation.

Your time in the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber will last approximately thirty-eight minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Many visitors report a time distortion that makes their Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber visit seem either much longer or far shorter than it actually is.

You will be entering a trance state in the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber and many people find this troubling if they are underprepared. A trance state is characterized by extreme dissociation often to the point of appearing unconscious. All trances (including sleep and screen-viewing) take place on a dissociated trance plane where some cognitive functions are disabled.

Time in the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber has been associated with extreme emotionalisms, mostly those described as peaceful, tranquil, and profound. You will hear voices in the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber. Some of them are real and some of them are not. Only concern yourself with the ones that are not.

If you become concerned for your safety while in the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber, your stress hormones will be read by our seernauts and you will be released early. As of this implant, no one has ever left the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber under these conditions.

There is nothing not allowed in the Magick Numbers Decompression Chamber. Bring whomever and whatever you’d like, and you are always free to return. Multiple visits are worth approximately 4.5 KarmaKredit points*.

Enjoy your stay.

*as of this transmission; values fluctuate with the rise and fall of the collective Surveilled Behavior Analysis numbers as provided by Eye of Providence Public Safety Monitoring Systems, Inc.

Mindplant ends.


This cybersuggestion was transmitted via aetherial thought nodes using the HyperMindLinx system that was installed in your cerebellum without your knowledge. You will, however, soon give unequivocal consent upon learning that removal of the HyperMindLinx transceiver module is unbearably painful and always fatal.

This message originated in the vast mass consciousness, where it resided for aeons before being discovered and patented by Earth Infonautics as part of its “Better Behavior Through Bioimplantation” initiative. By your current awareness of this initiative you hereby surrender any resistance to it and do retroactively volunteer for study since birth. Information retrieved during this study has already factored into your Human Potential Parameter settings and is already reflected in your LifeKredit valuation score.

© 2017 Earth Infonautics. All rights irrelevant.


released January 11, 2017

All music written, arranged, mixed, and produced by Magick Numbers
at home in Chicago, USA
January, 2017



all rights reserved


Magick Numbers Chicago, Illinois

Magick Numbers is an experimental ambient electronic project based out of Chicago USA.

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